Automated Patient Monitoring App

Automated Patient Monitor App

The lack of medical staff has significantly affected both the state of the health care system in Romania and other countries. One of the most severe situations identified during the pandemic was the lack of staff from public health directions, hospitals, ICI departments, and ambulance services in Romania.

Although the authorities tried to solve the crisis by sending doctors and volunteer students from the school network or resident doctors to carry out the epidemiological investigations, people called the telephone numbers provided by the authorities in vain; most of the time, no one responded. We understood that the use of artificial intelligence and technology could be the solution to these problems.

So our idea was to come up with an automated pacient monitoring app that automates the patient monitoring process by collecting specific information in a stand-alone manner without human intervention. A question scenario is generated before the information is collected for patients to answer. After selecting one of the scenarios, the patient contact data is provided, after which the application starts the automatic patient dialing process using a virtual telephone center.

The application automatically retries and stops after several unsuccessful attempts for patients whose phone numbers are unavailable (busy, closed phone, etc.). The scenario’s information collection is done using “speech to text” technology, available in the cloud, and the responses
are saved in text format.

As patients answer the questions in the default scenario, the application collects these text answers and provides them to initiate the collection process. At the end of the process, we provide a report based on the information collected.


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