Vent & Fire monitor station

Vent & fire monitor station

The device monitors the concentration of oxygen and volatile organic compounds in the air and, based on them, triggers an alarm notifying excess oxygen or the need to vent the room. We used a control unit, an oxygen concentration sensor, a volatile organic compound concentration sensor, and an alarm to complete the device. 

This device can be used independently or on a network (using one of the communication networks, WiFi, Lora, LTE).

We have created a central device that receives information from monitoring devices over one of these networks for network operation. Thus, when a monitoring device triggers an alert, it will be identifiable.

When monitoring is carried out in restricted access areas (hospitals, buildings) where there is no permanent staff able to respond to the audible alerts provided by the monitoring devices, this solution will be advantageous.

DIY Vent & Fire Monitor Station Manual.


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